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Bola Babarinde
Governor, OYO State 2019

Let's fix Oyo state together

“With the right Leadership
society always fares better”

I make a pledge to the good people of Oyo state, that I will give my best to ensure that the rot in the system is fixed. The time is now for all hands to be on deck to get the right leadership at the helms of affair in Oyo state, to ensure the people enjoy better dividends of good leadership.

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Our PROMISE to Oyo Citizens
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I promise the people of Oyo State…

Quality & Free Education
Improved and Modern agricultural production systems
Quality free Health services
Improved sanitation and public water system
Women Inclusive Government
Youth Empowerment
Better Sports Management
Social Security Services for the old, the young and the vulnerable

To make these promises a reality, this campaign needs you! Join the movement to bring about a positive turnaround in the fortunes of Oyo state and to make the life of its citizens better.

Give your support to…

Bola Babarinde
Governor, OYO State 2019

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